Ocean Sanctuaries Begins Zero Data Study on Sevengill Sharks

Image: By Michael Bear | Citizen Science Project Director

Didn’t see any Sevengill sharks on your dive today at La Jolla Cove (or False Bay, Cape Town)? No problem – – we still need your data!

‘Zero data’ is an important concept in long-term population studies in a fixed location with a single species: it’s also called ‘Presence/Absence’ data, meaning, we still want to know when you did *not* see a certain species in a given location, because it tells us a lot about why that particular species may or may not be present at certain times of the year.

DOI#: : 10.13140/RG.2.1.2288.4724

"It's important to remember because when divers record the species they encounter on a dive, this only documents the presence of the species of interest. However it is equally important to record the absence of certain species, like sharks. Today, sharks are largely absent in areas where they were once abundant. Providing data that illustrates where sharks are present and absent helps scientists establish baselines of shark populations."

Shark Savers.org

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